Theme 5: Botanic, Medicine and Agriculture in Relation to Astronomy and Astrology

An example of an Ottoman calendar whose formal structure and content are constructed according to an analogy based on the relationship between microcosm and macrocosm (Takvîm li-sene 983, Istanbul University Rare Books Library, TY. 2000, f. 25v-26r).

This session aims to discuss how botanical, medical and agricultural studies in Ancient times, Islamic civilisation and Europe were carried out by the rhythm of celestial phenomena. However, the interdisciplinary nature of astronomy and astrology is still well documented in botanic and traditional Indian or Iranian medicine. Besides, recent studies have shown that Ottoman scholars followed a similar tradition while preparing Ottoman calendars. Therefore, this theme may include the following questions:

  • What different approaches were used in the Ottoman culture in the relation between Botanic, Medicine or Agriculture with the celestial phenomena?
  • How were astral techniques related to botany or medicine practised in the worlds adjacent to the Ottoman Empire?
  • What techniques and literature are behind the developments of astrometeorology as found in the Ottoman calendars?

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